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What I did Today

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It was a beautiful cool Texas day. So I enjoyed the day driving over and buying a Woodtek 924-020 Mortiser floor model from a guy off craigslist. I could not think of anything else to do today. I probably don't need one but why let that stop me. So I drove home with a floor mortiser.

It needs a little work as it has been used for 20 years. It will give me something to do after finishing my kitchen remodel this week.

I will post a picture after unloading it tomorrow.

Now I have to figure out chisel and bits to buy. Anybody have any favorite brands? I am thinking a 3/4" and 3/8" chisel sets. I going to rip some 3/4" plywood cabinets out of my shop and build a stand alone shelf unit on one end using 2x6. I need the extra room in the shop the wall of cabinets take up.
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see LeeValley for the chisels and sharpeners...
get the full set of chisels... you won't regret it...
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I bought a Delta model years ago and to be honest I might have used it twice. There are other ways to accomplish the same thing. However IF you do a lot of furniture items it will probably come in handy. Maybe I'm just not taking full advantage of the tool. Any words of wisdom ?
I have no words of wisdom as this is my first mortiser. If it turns out to be a 350 pound boat anchor then I will pass it on. I know of one project where I am going to build some free standing shelves. The price was right as he was asking $375. The motor had a squeak and had trouble making a 3/4 mortise. It may have a dry bearing. I will need to check it out. So he lowered the price to $300. I will fix it and save it from the scrap heap.

A picture will follow as I have a friend coming over to help me unload it from my truck.
Hard to pass up something like that. The repair will keep you busy and out of trouble for a time. Personally, I don't enjoy repairs on tools. However, I think I'd start looking for a project that has mortise & tennon construction. You might really enjoy it.
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Following this thread coz I'll be needing chisels and I want good quality ones. Thrown in suggestions, please.
Here are some pictures. I have a question about bushings and how they work. I have 2 bushings. They are different sizes. The large is 3/4" and has a brass insert in it on the side. Should I have a set screw to hold the chisel which screws into the insert? My other bushing the insert is missing and I think he was using a long set screw from outside the machine that went through the hole where the brass insert should be. I guess I am asking do you use 2 set screws to hold a chisel? I hope you can tell from the pictures. I am not sure how the chisels are held in on a mortiser.


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