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reible said:
Want to win some points?
1) OK lets start with 100 points for the first person who tells us what this is and how it is used or what it does.
2) 25 Points for the first one who tells us what Sears called this.....
3) 25 Points for the first one who guesses the price (nearest couple of $$).
4) 25 Points for the first person to tell me that you too own one (does not have to be a Sears model)
Good luck!
Well here goes-
1. pantagraph - follow a design (letters) with the pointy end and it copies the design in wood with the sharp spinning thingy under the router that is attached to the flat black do-hicky
2. Craftsman table top pantagraph duplicator (SWAG)
3. $69.99 (SWAG #2)
4. Nope I don't own one :-(

Thanks for the chance,

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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