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"What is it?" #106

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You have seen it all now right? How can this be a woodworking tool? I've gone off the deep end this time........

For 100 points and a win be the first one to tell us how this is a woodworking tool. Give several things in woodworking it might be used for...... I was not thinking of doing your bib overalls or pressing your underware...... I even mentioned this tool in the not to distance past (in a post so you could go back and look for that if you need too).



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An iron used to press veneer strips or panels. That's my guess Ed.
It can also be used to raise dents in wood after wetting it first. Also, to apply heat transfers to wood.
An older iron like this weighs a bit more than the new ones. Use it to keep small pieces together while glue cures. It can be used in place of a J roller to work out air bubbles when cementing laminate.(Spray it with teflon or WD40 first)
Glenmore said:
An iron used to press veneer strips or panels. That's my guess Ed.
Since you were the first you got the points but we had a few other really good answers after yours too.

Garage Sales! got to love them..... I had to stop going cause I was finding way to much good stuff.........

The funny looking white thing on the bottom of the iron is a teflon addition that I got at Wal*Mart. I use it for all sort of projects including t-shirts... things like routerforums t-shirts.

BTW don't go take your wife's or husband's iron for shop work.... go buy your own shop iron.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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