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"What is it?" #110

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Remember there is no stargate...... but while off world visiting an old woodworkers shop I found these things. I guessing they were used in some face painting or body painting deal.....

Anyway I was thinking maybe we in the modern world might find a use for them. So it is your job to think up something we might use these tools for, it's OK we will share it with everyone for free, but, for your efforts be the first one to answer what these might be used for and win 100 points!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes I forgot to mention you have to mention the use I'm thinking of.



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I use them for glue ups on some of my wood projects.
Hmm, the trusty acid brushes... made for applying flux when soldering they are as good as it gets for spreading the old Titebond. I keep one in a jar of water next to my glue. They last a few weeks this way instead of just one use.
I use them for glue also.
Thanks for the tip Mike

Properly called "acid brushes"
Glenmore said:
I use them for glue ups on some of my wood projects.
How about that....... using them for speading glue around for your wood projects.... Great idea! Check the other answers as well for some good ideas relating to these. Being first of course gets you the win and the points.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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