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"What is it?" #111

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While I was looking at one of the shelves in the off world workshop I found these two objects. After running them through the SGC computer we were able to determine they are actual from Earth. The problem is that is all the data we could find.

This is where you come in. Please tell us what these are and how they are used and if you know the common name for them that would be great. For all your touble you get 100 points..... well the first person to correctly answer does any how.

Good luck,



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I'd say they are folding door hinges. Used for the middle of the door.
If I were going to look them up in a catalog I would look at hinges middle of the door? Nope they don't seem to be there..... nice try but not what I'm looking for...... sorry try again.

Top and bottom hinges for a kitchen cupboard?
Maurice said:
Top and bottom hinges for a kitchen cupboard?
I checked the catalog under "top and bottom" but they were not listed.... sorry please try again.

hint to follow sometime later........

ejant said:
They are called knife hinges.
They are indeed called knife hinges! So did you have to look them up or did you already know? Not that it maters because you won!

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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