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"What is it?" #127

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This should be a easy one for most of you. If not I might think you missed something along the way and need to get with the program....

Be the first one to tell us what this tool is used for and how it is used. I want some good details like why you use it (because xxxxx and yyyyyy). I want to see the word "loading" used. Do a really good job this is 200 pointer!



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Looks like a can opener. :D
After use, grinding wheels can start to get grooves worn into what is supposed to be a flat surface. They also have a tendancy to collect bits and pieces of the material that is being ground. This is build-up of material is dangerous. Material such as steel expands more when it gets hot than the grinding wheel does, and when this "loading" of material occurs in the porous surface of the stone, and gets hot, it can cause the grinding wheel to fracture. This tool is rested on the rest of the grinder while the grinder is running, and the wheels with the offset teeth are pressed into the stone. As they come in contact with the surface of the stone, they clean and re-surface or "dress" the wheel. It's a grinding wheel dressing tool.
Ed, I will take a crack at it. If you have a bench or pedestal grinder in your shop and the wheel needs dressed, this is the tool. It is used to reface a grinding wheel. It will take the grooves out of the wheel. It will take any angle put on the wheel off. It will make the face of the wheel parallel with the shaft if you hold your mouth right. You put the two feet like on the tool rest, hold the handle and engage the star wheels on the face of the grinding wheel. Then you move from side to side on the wheel. If you hold at the right position, you will make a lot of dust and a viberation with a lot of noise. As for loading " I am loading one in my truck now". Actually it will clean a wheel that is loaded with steel, lead,or wood. So my guess is, "a hand held grinding wheel dresser".
It's a tool for dressing grindstones to make their surface flat.
It looks like Mark might be starving to death trying to get his can of tuna open with the grinding wheel dresser......

They make a few different types of these but as you have learned they are for exposing fresh material on the grinding wheel. This trues the wheel from being out of round and from pits or grooves caused by another grinding operation. Wheels become glazed or loaded and when this happens they don't cut very well and cause more of a heat build-up thus it is importain to clean the wheels up. If you don't have one and use your grinder do yourself a favor and get something to dress the wheel.....

One thing I should mention as way of a safety tip, never stand in front of your grinder when you turn it on. Wheels can fly apart and this can happen when it is spinning up..... so wait until it has reached speed before stepping up and working.

It looks like jeff12002 gets the nod with his answer. The points are on the way.

Since Dr.Zook had a good answer as well I'll be sending him 100 points for his efforts.

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