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"What is it"? #132

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This is the first time I've created a "What is it" so these won't be too hard.

What is the NAME of the tool listed below and WHAT IS IT USED FOR? The first person to answer both questions correctly will receive 100 points. After somebody wins this I'll post the web site for this tool.

Good luck.



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I seen this somewhere, it's called a Lumb-R-Grip.

It's a metal hook you can use to maximize storage space in your garage or anywhere with exposed ceiling joist or timber. The grip end attaches to the wood and the padded hook can hold up to 200lbs. When more weight is added, the hold increases. The hook can be removed by taking away the weight to release the grip. :D
Thank you, thank you very much! (in my Elvis impression) :D
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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