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"What is it?" #14

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So how are you doing on this "game"? Still haven't won anything? Are you learning anything? Well besides I'm a tool nut?

This is another tool I love...... If I lost this somehow I would get another one without delay. I have found this to speed up my work and I do better woodworking because of it. This is something you need, I forgot the price but it is around $12 US, I know that sounds high but worth it....

So tell us what it is and give some details, and if you are the first one to correctly answer you get 100 points. If you own one and win the contest tell us and I will add another 50 points to your winning..... now be honest.


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I think it's called a "saddle". It's for tracing lines around a corner.

Barry in London said:
I think it's called a "saddle". It's for tracing lines around a corner.

Did you some how see through the blue tape and read that? When you want to tranfer lines around an edge and for many other uses that I don't have time to get into this is THE tool. Mine says Veritas and if I recall correctly they have them @ Lee Valley.

Another two time winner! 100 more points on the way

This is the first article that I actually have.
Official name is saddle square if I recall correctly.
It is definetly a often used tool in my shop. Bought one about a year ago. Recently the came out with a larger one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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