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"What is it?" #148

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As second post in this short series of power tools I picked an other tool that most of you will have a quick look at and know in gereral what it is.

However this "What is it?" will again work a bit differently so make sure you read the rest of the post so you can answer the questions I'm asking............

For 200 points you need to answer these three questions correctly and be the first one to do so:
1) What manufacture made this tool?
2) What is the correct name of this tool (the company that sold it called it.....)?
3) What reasons would one have to own one of these (some detail please)?

Now read the questions again, look at the picture, have a go at the answers.



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1=Bosch "Small Variable Speed" Belt Sander 1.25" x 6.125" belt ,60 grit.belts.
Looks like a promo or just a limited number made.
I can't seen to find it listed on the web site for Bosch.
2.= don't know that one.(Bosch plow sander I would guess)
3.= I would use it for body work on cars,and use it for quick shaping on wood ducks and sander/carving my trees into totem poles.

Bj :)
Just the right name for this one.

Bosch 1278VSK Compact Belt Sander Kit

Bj :)
bobj3 said:
You are most correct!

I got this one a few years ago when I was working on a stairs and wanted to get some of the paint off quick... this gets in to smaller spaces and right up to the edges. Projects are always good times to pick up another tool.


Points are on the way.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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