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"What is it?" #33

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I have had a few people send comments and I want to thank them for the ideas!

Remember this is your forum and any way we make improve things is going to make it a better place for all of us.

For this "What is it?" we are going to try something different in how we get the winner...... So read this..........

The winner will not be announced for at least a day. When I do return to announce the winner I will see how many posts we have then ask my wife for a number between 1 and the total number of posts. I will then go to that number and see if the answer is correct, if it is then that will be the winner. If the answer is not correct or complete enough I will ask for another number and so on until the winner is found. So if you post first or last that will not count.... it will be a random pick by someone who has not see your posts or know your names/handles.......

OK I hope that is clear.

Remember not just the name.... give details as to how you use it or what it does and this time it might not be the first write answer it might be the 10th or "nnn" depending on the number of answers posted...... I will check sometime after 24 hours so you have at least that amount of time to do your entry.

Good luck.... and for this one the winner will get 100 points!



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A Mortise Chisel. This part of the mortise bit creates the square edges of the mortise. The drill bit that would hog out the centre of the mortise seems to be missing in this photo or is simply withdrawn into the centre of the chisel portion.

The mortise bit would be used in a drill press (with a mortise attachment) or in a dedicated mortising machine.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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