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"What is it?" #51

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Here's one that I will give 200 points for, mainly because I do not know what it is. I found it in a box of my grandfathers old tools and would like to know what it is and what it is used for.

The clamp swivels on a pin, and the bar on the right 'cams' closed. The first picture shows the cam open, the second show the cam closed.

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Stan, here is my best guess. I could possibly be used on the job site for making splices for the older galvanized metal "U" shaped house gutters. If you recall, those type of gutters had a "rolled" edge on both top surfaces. Perhaps this came from someone who was into DIY or metalworking?
Sounds like a plausible explanation -- but I really have no idea myself.

Not sure if putting an item in the "What Is It" forum -- without knowing what it is, is such a good idea. Someone could have a correct response, and I'd never know.
What we have here is a jig to hold a hand saw while it is sharpened.
It is a hand saw sharpening jig. The picture is upside down.
I think it's a saw clamp probably used to sharpen the old manual saws, for tree
removal etc.
CW Walling said:
It is a hand saw sharpening jig. The picture is upside down.

The jig is indeed upside down. Good show.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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