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"What is it?" #70

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You do not have to wait until someone figures out what #69 is to answer this question.

If you noticed on #69 the edges seem to have a line just inside the outline...

Take a look at the image attached to see it a little better. Now the line is really a small detail...... like a rabbet.

Do you know why this tool has that feature?

100 points to the first correct answer...... Now we seperate the real users of these from the amatures.



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Dr.Zook said:
Were you a mechanical engineer in a previous life Ed? :confused: I doubt no one out side an engineer would know what the rabbet is for. ;)
Indeed I was. But I learned about this before I got in high school..... I still have my very first drafting board, T-square, drafting set.......

steveo said:
The "rabbet" is found on quality drafting aids to enable the draftsman to "ink" a line along either the triangle, straight edge, or curve to prevent the "ink" from running under the edge being followed. Of course, the "rabbet" had to be placed down against the drafting surface. Old timers used to tape coins to the underside to raise the edge above the paper, linnen, or mylar drafting medium. Might be of use today when us old timers use felt tip pens in the wood shop !
Very good! I hated inking, the guys that were good at that always amazed me. I guess that is what made me contiune on and not become a draftsman.... I was a draftsman one summer while going to school and only because we didn't have to ink drawings.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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