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"What is it?" #75

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First off these are not "pacmen" that I trapped out of the old pacman game!

So what are they? I should also add that the box I got these out of had a bunch more left inside when while these were be photographed.

Tell us some details and be the winner, get the 100 points, of course you need to be the first one to get it right so get busy......



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steveo said:
well without some reference to scale of these objects, they could possibly be one of two things. Either shims for a Dado blade for raidial or table saw, or shims for a router bit set, such as stile and rail set. However I don't think it would be wise to use this type of shim for a router bit because they spin too darn fast and I would think the possibility of them exiting the bit would be likely. Looking at them I'd say they are .002, .004, .010, and .020 inches respectively. (looks like someone boogered one of them up trying to force it into a space a few thousants too close !)
So Steveo works for the CIA or NASA with the imaging software to detect the thickness of shims to within thousands of an inch or......

These are from Veritas and they are called "Dado Shims", orange (4) .002", purple (2) .005", Navy (4) .010" and Black (4) .020". You add these with the blades still on the arbor, this gives you a fine adjustment you sometimes need to get things to fit. When I was a kid we used chipboard/paper/ what have you to slip over the shaft and try to get things right.......ahhhhhhhh!

So I'm excepting Steveo answer but he needs to get that software fixed, the one he thought was .004 was really .005..... wait maybe I should mic this..... maybe the company messed up and the dimension is really .004......

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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