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"What is it?" for points and learning

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My bank account here has too many points so how about I give some away and we play a game called "What is it?".

I will post a picture of some woodworking item, you be the first one to post a short correct answer saying how that tool is to be used/what it is for. Since we are mutli-national the actual name is not enough.

Also, one more thing, if you are guessing let people post between your answers..... I will check in and if no one is getting the correct answer I will add some more written details...... I don't think these will be that hard but????

BTW how does 100 points sound?

SOOOOOO for 100 points check the attachment and tell us what it is!


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reible said:
SOOOOOO for 100 points check the attachment and tell us what it is!
It is an adjustable hook rule, sold by Lee Valley. Allows you to measure the distance from an edge across a face.

... and if you want the catalog number, it is 24N08.11, a 12"x1" Hook Rule
Very good! This one is not from Lee Valley but Rockler but yes it is one of the best ways to measure from an edge. The hook defines where the edge is and is better then most peoples guesses or glasses.

100 Points are yours

Points have been sent..... your 38 is now 138

Hey thanks reible! Just wish I could have zeroed in on the others so easily.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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