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"What is it?"

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So how do you like the new sub-forum? I think this is better, how about you?

So far everything pictured is out of my shop but I am not the owner of this sub-forum so anyone who wants to post an object out of their shop is welcome to do so. If you want to post an object you do not have to give away points.... it is your forum as much as it is mine.

You also may have some old tools that even you do not know what they are, so feel free to let us all guess who know one of us might even really know what it is.

I will try and post a few more "What is it?" tonight and try and post them at different times of the day to make it more fair to world wide viewers where it might be yesterday or tomorrow......

Please also feel free to ask questions and do follow ups this is after all a learning tool.


So check in and see how you do on "What is it?"
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This certainly has been fun and interesting... come to think about it, I've got some dandys too, but its too cold to wander cross-town and borrow my brother's camera.
Not all of mine may be related to wood work, and as you mentioned, I don't have a clue what some really were used for. Stay toooooned gang...........
I'm looking forward to see some that I can try and guess at..... When ever you get the pictures and have some "dandys" ready to go let me know I have some points I can forward on to you so you can give some away too..... Hey no motorcycle tools, that is unless they are cross-over to woodworking.....

Just recently, Snowshoe joined reible and started to make new "What is it?"'s, I provided Snowshoe with 2,000 points. So this is a shout out to all interested users, if you start posting "What is it?"'s, I'm willing to provide you with the points.
I think it's a Good post!

Do I win something? :) :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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