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What is you favorite stationary tool

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What is you favorite Bench top power tool

Mine is my Dewalt 734 planer. Because the rough cut lumber is so much cheaper and gives me some more work to do at a better price. Got half a truck load of oak and pine what it would have cost me for 3 boards 1x8x8 red oak at the local home improvement stores around my area. :cool:
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My favorite and most used stationary tool is my 12" compound miter saw. I use it every time I'm in my workshop.
Mine is the Craftsman Contractors Saw, I bought in the early 80s, still going, but needs a tune up...vibration is getting bad now, I think I finally bent the arbor...oh well... Retired now, so I guess its time for a new one? LOL...
I found a Craftsman Bandsaw at a garage sale for $200.. Large top with a swivel head.. Digital readout for speed, bevel, and tension.. I love it..
My favorite stationary tool is a hammer, I got from my grandfather, it's stationary in a picture frame , ya I know, but he got it from his dad and used it all the time to drive in wood screws hahahahahahaha, I know but he did, one turn with the screw driver and he was done, he said that he hated wood screws because then had a slot that would rip/cam out.

Bj :)
I would have to say my lathe which is a bench top Penn State Turnercrafter Pro model. I love it! I split my time turning on it and with my flat work.

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