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I have the TRA001 and it's been trouble free. It is too heavy for me to use freehand, so mine is in the table. Very powerful router and good safety interlocks. You either have or could order the crank for above table adjustments. If you want a good introduction to using that particular router, go to youtube and look up woodworking videos by Marc Sommerfeld. I learned more watch him work than anywhere else. He uses the Triton as well. He doesn't wear a mask or use the safety devices because they're shooting video, but you should always wear the mask and safety glasses.

Nice to have someone from Russia. An interesting place that has sure changed from the old Soviet Union days. I hear life is pretty good there for the most part. Hope you manage to stay clear of the virus. A couple of Los Angeles universities did studies and found very high infection rates vs hospitalization and death rates, which means the virus is highly infectious but not much more lethal than the ordinary flu.
1 - 1 of 60 Posts
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