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What router do I use?

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I would appreciate your experience and guidance. Recently I purchased two routers from our local pawn shop with the intent of mounting one of them in a router table I am making. With a limited budget, I purchased a Rousseau router base plate. The question is: Do I mount the Ryobi R501 because it has more power, or do I mount the Porter Cable 6902 with the 1001 base because it adjusts easily. Obviously I am new to serious wood working, but am on a limited budget and can only afford to use one base plate.

Most respectfully

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I'd favor mounting the larger router in the table. It will be heavier and not as convenient for free-hand and other uses.

I'm on a more limited budget than you, I guess. I use a single PC 6902 in the table, in a woodrat and freehand.
Anything made by ryobi is consumer grade and not designed for hard use. I would use almost any thing other than a ryobi.


I'd go with Doug's suggestion - put the more powerful one in the table. Besides being (most likely, but not necessarily) an issue of which is easier to handle, the more powerful one will handle the larger bits better(the larger diameter ones that you shouldn't use hand held anyway).
Ahhh, the budget thing!! If money was no object, I'd be broke!!
ARE YOU SURE that the plate can't be made to accept both? (either one)
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