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I have a 6040 machine also but I rewired it to run with a Ethernet smoothstepper board with a breakout board. This way I can add other functions in Mach 3 like turning on a cooling pump, wiring multiple E-stops, auto zero (using macros after tool change) and many other options. Using Vcarve Pro you can use the default Mach 3 post processor when you save your cut file. But you can also edit your post processor to add additional functions as you gain experience (turn on water pump, start VFD). I would urge you to set soft limits in Mach 3 in addition to your micro limit switches just as an added safety measure. I would also suggest a usb pendent controller to help you set-up the home and zero each axis (,aps,208&sr=8-4)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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