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OK, I have a CNCest 6040 too. I don't use any tool touch device.
Basically you import a job stl file into you CAM program. Then you can pick the rough pass tool and define the x,y and z size of the job. Generate and save the rough pass gcode. Next choose the finish pass tool. Generate and save the finish pass gcode. Now you can open MACH3 program. Secure the workpiece to the table. Install and zero the roughing tool to the xyz point. Open the rough pass gcode file in MACH3. Make sure the cooling water is flowing. Start shop vac. Start the spindle. I like to set the overall speed at 20-30% at start. Hit start button. If everything looks to be operating properly, increase speed to 80%. Next repeat with the finish tool.
There is a learning curve. You will make mistakes. Just keep at it. It's worth the trouble.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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