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Never used a router before.

I have 4'x8' sheets of 1/2" thick black HDPE plastic. HDPE is a soft plastic, kind of like the stuff some cutting boards are make of.

I don't own a router yet. I need to first cut the HDPE into smaller pieces (2'x4') and them give them a smooth edge. I also need to cut out 3" holes in the plastic. I also need to cut out 3"x6" rectangles in the plastic. Some pieces I would like to created a small 1/4" recessed rectangle or circle and have it look nice.

1. What Hand or table router should I buy, or get something else?
2. Where to get Jigs for cutting different shapes in the plastic?
3. Is there something I can do to make rounded corners? Kind of like the shape when you cut out a square with rounded corners for a new sink?
4. Anything used to cut shapes (3" circles, and 3"x6" rectangles only half way into the plastic?)


Atlanta GA
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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