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i am having the same bushing problem as you. i went to rockler and they sell a universal router baseplate and a bushing kit with all the bushings that are most commonly used. te bushing kit runs i beleive 8-10 dollars i have purchased one of these baseplates but it is on backorder till march 4th or so. i figured i got it on sale for 13 dollars (i beleive) so i didn't wanna pass it up. that was just a week ago or so. they say it fits all 6" router bases and my craftsman router is that exact size. if it doesn't fit i can always take it back but they do say it's a "universal" plate. so we'll see what happens. i have the 175100 craftsman router. my latest problem was that i have a rockler dovetail jig and i was told to buy a 7/16" bushing from craftsman. i found one that fit my router and the router bit fit perfectly fine but the bushing outside diameter was actually bigger than the jig. so the three bushing i bought are absolutely junk when it comes to the jig. so thats when i broke down and bought the basebplate from might wanna check it out at item number 27791

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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