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What type of router to use

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My router came with both a plunge base and a fixed base. Does it matter which one I use in my Oak Park table?
Bruce in the Peg
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Hi Bruce: In the Oak-Park table you can take the router out to change bits etc.
On the RW show they use plunge routers with the springs removed, to make adjustment easier. A lot of people that buy the set with more bases seem to but the fixed base into the table. That way they can switch to the plunge base to use freehand. Woodnut65
Bruce, odd's are you will be happiest installing the fixed base in your table.
Hi Bruce

I would also say use the fixes base for the router table but I would recommend that you pickup a D-Base for your router,it's nice to have the control and about 1/2 the weight of the plunge base for free hand routing and you can still use the edge guide fixture :).

Bj :)
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which base to use

I use the fix on the WR table And the plunge for mortise ect. Also i have the D handle that was free when i bought the 690 router I thought that was a good deal I have 2 sets Sure come's in handy Bob says When you buy a bit buy a router ? guess that would work out ok del
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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