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What's the match?

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New to this forum! Super excited.

Can you tell me how to make this profile? Thanks in advance !


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Welcome to the forum! When you get a minute go ahead and complete your profile with first name and location. That helps us to help you and we like first names.

That looks like an Ogee edge.

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Welcome, 'N/a'; If you'd like to hang around with us, could you maybe fill out a little about yourself? Where you're posting from is helpful in that it lets the other members be a little more helpful in making recommendation. My link, for example, wouldn't really work for you if you were in the UK.

It looks like a Roman Ogee, but without the top or bottom lip...
Roman Ogee Bits - Lee Valley Tools

With the paint on the doors, getting an exact match to the existing is going to be a bit iffy. You might have to settle for 'very close'.
super excited to have you as the new member, N/A...

drawer/door profiles galore...
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome. The other fellas answered your question. Quick, huh?
Welcome. It can get really exciting here at times!! Just join right in.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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