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Where have They Gone?

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Hi Folks
Just wanted to know if Rick and his Dad's show is still on the air? My PBS channel quit showing it about 6 months ago. aLso just wanted to introduce myself I've been here before quite a while ago wanted to get back on the boards and see what I've missed. Been Woodworking about 15 years and can always learn new things. Look forward to talking to you all and
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Hi Kenvc

It's a hit or miss thing anymore, BUT you can see them on your COMPUTER at see below. ▼
The PBS station in CO.USA just started to run them again,but it's at 1:30 A.M. may want to check the TV Listings for a odd ball time.

TV Listings - [TV Guide Online]

RWS on The NET
The Woodworking Channel, tick the Schedule Item ,to see when the RWS is on.
The norm is 6 to 8 times in a 24, some times more.

Bj :)
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Welcome back Ken.
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