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Where to buy?

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Now that you have all answered my question on the 1/2 vs 1/ I need to purchase some bits that I had in mind. My question is...where can you get a good deal? I have the woodworker show coming to the Washington in early April, is it worth the wait? Can you find some good deals there? If not I also see woodline has some good deals...good bits or bad bits? Any suggestions on place to buy good bits at a good price?

Thanks for the input!!
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Hi Jamin,

One of our Sponsers, Holbren, did have a moving sale going on, in which all their bits in stock are 40% off. I've picked up quite a few from them. I can't attest as to how good they are, as I am new to this, too, but they are good enough for me! Especially at such a good price! I'm not sure if this is still going on or not, though.
I just checked, and the coupon code has expired. Sorry
jamin1 there is a sticky post in the bargin bin for all the internet shopping lists if all else fails give that a try.
Jamin, Woodcraft has their own bit sets on sale for the month of March. The price will average $5 per bit for the 20 piece set, $6 per bit for the 10 piece set. I have the 10 piece set in both 1/4 and 1/2" shanks, these are decent quality bits. Each month Woodcraft offers a different Whiteside bit for 25% off. Woodcraft also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is an excellent way to start your bit collection.
When buying bits buy the best quality you can afford. In the long run you will only complain about the bit once instead of every time you use it.
I checked just before my computer went haywire, and they are selling some router bit sets from Holbren.
Jamin1, Jerry is correct buy the best bits you can afford. I have been impressed with the Whiteside and Freud router bits. Clean cuts everytime is use them. Also been looking at the Bosch bits. They seem to very high quality compared to my Freud's. I had a bunch of Sears router bits until the carbides chipped and could not get them resharpened. Here are few links to check out.
Freud -
Whiteside - or
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