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Where to get Chicago Router?

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I'm looking for a Chicago Electric 1/4" Trim Router. Terry recommended them in his posting about making signs. The only place I can find is Harborfreight, which has them for $20, but after emailing them, since they have no information on shipping to Canada, I found it will cost me $19 just to ship it here (these are all U.S.$).
Does anyone know of any source in Canada that I could get one of these?
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Hi Julie,,,, I think the name "Chicago Electric" is just the brand name that Harborfreight puts on all the electiricaly powered tools that they sell,, unless its already a name brand tool... Reds21 bought a small router from the site,
Its actually just about the same router and its only $9.99 ... and the shipping is lightning fast,,, not sure what happens when they send it to canada,,, but worth a try... That router will work just as well for you. I was gonna order one myself,,,
Thanks, Terry! No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere else. Will try the site you mentioned.
This forum is so great, isn't it?
HarborFreight charges $20 to ship a $20 router. Hormier does not ship to Canada.
Anyone know any small trim routers that are good that I can buy in Canada?
Don't know about Canadian companies, but why not check out Ebay? There are a lot of inexpensive routers I've seen there in the past.
Julie, count your blessings. 1. Chicago tools are expensive to ship to Canada. 2. You didn't manage to find anyone else to ship you one... this is all very good luck. I have looked at the Chicago tools at Harbor Freight, as in hands on feel the sloppy tolerances fit, these are very poor quality. If you want a good value trim router go for a Ryobi, Dremel or a Rotozip.(All available at your HD) Or, make hubby drive you to Hockeytown and I will guide you to see the "Chicago wonder tools" and then take you to see real tools.
Hi Mike
Actually I had two offers from great guys on this forum to ship me a router!
I ended up getting a King trim router, which by all accounts is the same as the Harborfreight and Hormier ones, and also looks like a Makita. I have a great HitachiM12V for most jobs, just wanted a little one for extra things, as well as sign making. It did cost me $50Can. for the same thing you American's pay US$10 or US$20.
Harborfreight is known for cheap tools both in terms of money and quality. The best advice I have seen (I don't claim credit for it) is to use their products for auxiliary purposes (dust collectors, hoses, clamps, etc) but to be extremely causious everywhere concerned with precision. At best - you will spend a long time setting their tools up and tuning to get the precision you want. Often you will not get there at all.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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