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I agree fully with gkas, buy a good machine first or you will buy twice. I got my Laguna IQ setup back in April and absolutely love this machine. However, the price was 6k plus the extra collets and bits I got were around $500. Plus building the heavy duty cabinet to set it on. One thing for sure, this machine is heavy weighing in at over 400lbs. so you need a way to lift it to a table or in my case I dismantled the machine to the frame and carted it to my basement. Yes, dismantled a 6k machine that was shipped assembled. Take lots of pictures. I like the solid machine and have the water cooled spindle which is very quiet.
I have a woodworking shop in my basement and also program CNC machines for a living so decided it was time to get one for myself. I didn't have any trouble but software and programming to newbies can be intimidating but there's plenty of youtube videos and forums to help with projects and getting things going. Good luck in your decision.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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