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Which compound miter saw?

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Thinking about buying compouond miter saw-tired of the old (cheap) Delta. I want a decent brand name saw that has easy blade change and reliable adjustments etc. I know they'll all cut to my needs so not worried about that. Generally inclined to go Makita or Dewalt. A lot of this is totally personal and subjective but I respect the groups advice. Thanks.
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Of the ones I've used like the Bosch the best. As you said a personal choice.


Hi Birch

This is a hard one,,, It's almost as hard as asking what router to buy :).
I like a 12" blade setup,some are real loud and it's hard to tell that in the store,I have two, one is a 10" Dewalt and the other is a 12" Rig.
In this case the more you can put out the better the saw, like most tools you get what you pay for. :)
And the compound miter saw you want it to be dead on because what you will use it for.
You don't want any play in the saw at all that's to say when you pull it down or across the saw must be dead on, the blade will do what you ask of it but if the saw is off by .010 you will not be happy with it.

Good Luck, you may want to check out your mates saw and put your hands on it and cut some stock that will help alot. (hands on thing ) :)

Bj :)
Bj :)
I have to give my vote to the Hitachi. Great tool, decent power, stays in alignment.
Good question Birch. A lot depends on how you will be using the saw. If you need the ability to cut larger lumber then a sliding 12" saw is right for you. If you are an average home woodworker you will most likely get by fine with a 10" saw. Having your blades interchangeable between your saws can be a great money saver. If I was to purchase a new saw I think it would be a Bosch. The saw I have was a Christmas present, a 10" Craftsman with a laser guide. I am used to double checking and verifying all adjustments on anything Craftsman so I get good results. I used a Black & Decker 10" saw while helping refinish a basement last spring. I was pleasantly surprised by it's performance, they have come a long way. None of the saws mentioned will make you happy if you use low quality blades. I have had great success with Freud blades and will stick with them. A tough decision, let us know what you decide on and how you like it.
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