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which machines?

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i have a couple issues here that i need some guidance on:

1. i currently have a 3/4hp craftsman router, not pleased with it and am viewing the PC 894PK. does anyone out there own this fixed/plunge router? if so is it well worth the money? the router sells for roughly $270. It looks nice but as a hobbiest it wouldn't be pushed like a "BIG TIME WOODWORKER" would need. more casual than anything.

2. Table saw, does anyone own the Delta table saw 36-681? what about the Grizzly GO478? i was looking at both of these and the grizzly goes for $695 and the delta goes for $750. does anyone use grizzly machinery that can put some light on this?I like the brand delta and i was steering that direction but since i am new and very unexperienced i figured id get your opinion on it.

now there is also another grizzly saw GO576; the GO478 has an enclosed housing and the GO576 has legs. does this make a difference?


if you would like to see the tablesaws at grizzly you can go to and see them,

any help would be appreciated!!!!

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Shawn,, their both good saws,,, The Delta rates higher usually but then it cost more and Delta tools have been known for quality for a long time,,,, but when the wood magazines have a tool test with several manufactures,,, Grizzly usually rates pretty good now and lot of times takes their best value award,,because its lower in cost,,, either tool,,,I think you will be happy with,,,, I have Grizzly's 16 inch band saw and its been good for me, I would not be afraid to buy any grizzly tools.... But it comes down to how much ya want to spend
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