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i have a couple issues here that i need some guidance on:

1. i currently have a 3/4hp craftsman router, not pleased with it and am viewing the PC 894PK. does anyone out there own this fixed/plunge router? if so is it well worth the money? the router sells for roughly $270. It looks nice but as a hobbiest it wouldn't be pushed like a "BIG TIME WOODWORKER" would need. more casual than anything.

2. Table saw, does anyone own the Delta table saw 36-681? what about the Grizzly GO478? i was looking at both of these and the grizzly goes for $695 and the delta goes for $750. does anyone use grizzly machinery that can put some light on this?I like the brand delta and i was steering that direction but since i am new and very unexperienced i figured id get your opinion on it.

now there is also another grizzly saw GO576; the GO478 has an enclosed housing and the GO576 has legs. does this make a difference?


if you would like to see the tablesaws at grizzly you can go to and see them,

any help would be appreciated!!!!

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