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You could drink the magic Kool Aid and spring for an OF 1400 Festool. It should last a lifetime for a hobbyist. It also has a myriad of special function accessories available and featuresc compatibility with Festool and several other brands of track-saw tracks. The biggest benefit is the awesome dust collection from one of the most dust producing tools in the shop or that matter living room or kitchen. I own Porter Cable, Dewalt, Hitachi, Bosch, Elu, and Festool routers. My Festool OF1400 is my go-to router for many reasons. If not buying Festool, I’d go with the Dewalt with fixed and plunge bases. Five years ago I would have said Bosch but in most locations it’s easier to get service and parts for Dewalt and Dewalt seems to be delivering superior quality these days. The 3 year warranty is a good feature too. Keep your body part ps away from the sharp spinning gadgets!
I bought this very router because I consider dust collection very important. Also I almost find it’s like comparing a spindle to a router noise wise . The things so quiet compared to other routers that I get concerned it’s not getting very high rpm’s .

I also purchased the dust collector for my Bosch 1617, but haven’t tried it yet , so cant critique its dust collecting capability yet . The ergonomics are nice though
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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