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hello all:

at the time i bought mine it only came in a hard case about 10 years ago. i did use the case early on. now it lives in a large roll around tool chest. along with a lot of other wood working tools. mine came with edge guide, plunge and the "D" handle also edge guide with dust collection. at first i did not use the D much. now a bit more. with finger switch and edge guide much safer. I am not sure which is better. Bosh or Dewalt. i have used the Bosh they seem to be same. there is a lot of comparisons out there. seems to be 50 / 50 Bosch vs DEWALT Router (2021): Comparing they both work well. i bought a used one about $150. came with a "D" plunge and a standard base. to go in a Janson lift. i also have to old craftsman 1/4 shaft routers and one small back & decker, my first one about 50 years ago. now just for trim work. latter a craftsman. the craftsman are now used for precuts. you will want a router table at some point. i have three different router tops. two for the two DeWalts and one for the craftsman. this has taken years to get to. was driven by Different projects. it is nice not to have keep changing bits.
like with others here buy as you need. some times the like kits are worth it.
especially when you can buy them on sale. for me with limited workspace mostly tools get broke down and put away when not in use. like a Router table free standing.

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