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Visit a retailer that has routers on display so you can grab them by the handle and see how they feel; you need to be comfortable holding the router handles. I do not like the round handles on the Bosch routers so I have never bought one; I may be missing a router that is perfect in other regards but it first needs to feel comfortable. Next, consider dust collection. Can you easily connect the router to some kind of dust collector? I make a lot of mortises with a plunge router and I used a PC891 (120V, 12A); dust collection is not very good when you use guide bushings. An improvement in the dust collection department is the DW621 (120V, 10A). Another feature is convenience of the on/off switch. The DW621 has the on/off switch on one of the handles while the PC891 requires moving your hand from the handle to the top of the router motor. While my PC891 is more powerful, I prefer using the DW621. Are you in an area that has a local woodworking club? This can be a great resource. Good luck on your selection.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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