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Subject? What Table to build???

You may want to consider building a table with TWO router plate holes. I find mine invaluable. I have an Oak's Park size hole in one end and another more standard (really no such thing...) size in the other end.

To make it even more useful, I made a top to cover the table when I'm not routing, from plywood and scrap oak flooring. It makes a great assembly table with the top in place. The auxilary top has a lip around the edge and just sits in place without any fasteners.

I used one of the commercial metal router tables and single ended top from Woodpeckers as a start. Then I cut the hole for the Oaks Park plates in the empty end and boxed the whole thing in with 1/2" plywood. I made one long shelf in the bottom and three compartments in the upper level. The two end compartments serve as "dust collection boxes" for the two routers and the center section has slide-out shelves for bits, collars, and misc.

I'll try to take some pictures but my schedule is full right now, with the Woodworking Show in town this weekend and such...

Keep your fingers on your hands!
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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