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Which table should I buy?

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Hello everyone, I am in need of some good advice please. I just purchased my very first real power tool, a Porter Cable 895PK router!!! The salesman at WoodCraft said this was the best tool for a novice woodworker who wanted to make tables and other furniture pieces. Now I need a router table. I have never even used a router before but I am determined to learn SAFELY how to use this tool and eventually to master it. Can I buy any table or must it be a PC table? And does PC make more than one table (I could only find one table on the PC website.)? And do I need to purchase the Tru-Match Sub-Base or will that come with the table? Also, are there any other items I should purchase now, my first project is a 3'X9' oak desk/table. Please forgive my ignorance. And thanks in advance for any advice. Denise :confused:
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Denise, welcome! Spend some time reviewing all the posts in the table mounted and portable routing sections. You will find a wealth of information on home made tables for your shop as well as portable tables that are easy to move and store. For a first table keep it simple. Buy yourself a table insert, I bought the Rousseau from Woodcraft. It has removeable center rings to allow clearance for different sized bits. Woodcraft sells a template for making the cutout in your table, and a small mounting package which has a centering disk, screws, pin, all that you need to center your router on the plate and attach it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. You will have to stop at a hardware store and buy a small tap and 4 allen screws to level the plate on the table.(cost about $5) Woodcraft also sells a set of the 10 most commonly used router bits in 1/4" or 1/2" shanks. I suggest the 1/2", more metal = stronger and less vibration. They run these bits on sale all the time, expect to pay about $5 per bit for decent quality. Once you have your router mounted to the plate use the template to make your cutout in a 3/4" piece of MDF, a sink cutout, even an old table works fine. Now you are ready to go. Save the cutout template! When you are ready to build or change to a new table it will be quick and easy.
One nice thing about this forum. There are always people happy to help. Good luck!

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