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Which table should I buy?

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Hello everyone, I am in need of some good advice please. I just purchased my very first real power tool, a Porter Cable 895PK router!!! The salesman at WoodCraft said this was the best tool for a novice woodworker who wanted to make tables and other furniture pieces. Now I need a router table. I have never even used a router before but I am determined to learn SAFELY how to use this tool and eventually to master it. Can I buy any table or must it be a PC table? And does PC make more than one table (I could only find one table on the PC website.)? And do I need to purchase the Tru-Match Sub-Base or will that come with the table? Also, are there any other items I should purchase now, my first project is a 3'X9' oak desk/table. Please forgive my ignorance. And thanks in advance for any advice. Denise :confused:
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Gus the date of the last posts made on threads is just above the members username. B & R probably was Bob and Rick Rosendahl. This forum was started by their son/grandson Mark back in 2004 I think. Bob and Rick's show was the Router Workshop which showed on PBS stations along with New Yankee Workshop and This Old House. It's no longer shown but you may be able to purchase episodes still. It was a very good show. Bob and Rick were masters with a router.
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