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Which wood best for Wood burning & pyrography?

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Hi all

I am very new to woodworking, I love Woodburning & pyrography. I have just owned my first pyrography/wood burning unit, it is a German unit by Wetekom and which is an Alterable temp and changeable hot loop tips. I have done a few experiments on 3/8 inch plywood with compound results, Now I am very distracted. I think I need suggestions about wood selection.
So please give me some idea which wood will be best for Woodburning & pyrography.

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welcome to the forum, Rokey. - what part of the world are you in ?
I too just became re-acquainted with wood burning. but, my projects are way out of the normal applications.
first - tell us what you are doing, what art are you wanting to make ?
plywood would not be a very good wood to practice on. try to find some scrap pine boards with even grain and little to no knots. practice with different heat settings. practice practice and practice some more before getting into the more expensive woods. I haven't tried it yet, but you can burn graphics into leather. check out the YouTube videos for different projects and maybe purchase a book or two on Pyrography.

and just as a helpful note: this forum is mostly using machines such as routers and CNC to make wood projects.
you might get better assistance from or as they are structured more towards doing art projects with wood.
the best wood I have found for wood burning is Bass wood.
Hi rokeyaru
I, like you, am still quite new to pyrography and have mostly worked on this poplar. I've just laid my hands on some maple wood, I've worked on it before and it was wondering nice experience.
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