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@Gaffboat Ok, I'm going to venture a guess... I think you start with a circular piece for the hub. The blades look to be similar to tropical style blinds (drawing a blank on what you call them) with a flat cut on the bottom, and probably flattened to a thickness to fit the groove in the hub. The slots in the hub are straight across and flat on the bottom to match the blade, so all you have to do is afix the block to something and then mark and cut a groove at an angle, which could be done with a Japanese pull saw or a dovetail saw, sliding in a groove cut to the angle you're looking to set the propeller.

Make a 90 degree X centered on the hub, drill a small hole there and put a finish nail through to keep it in position relative to the cutting guide. Rotate to the cross hatch mark and cut away, then clean out the roove with a small chisel. Since the bottom of the attachment is squared off, it will seat and glue nicely in the hub.

I'm sure you could fiddle up some way to cut these grooves with a band saw, but it is pine and a small saw would be far easier.

You need a shaft with a gear, a cam of some sort, or a belt to transfer the motion to the rest of a mechanism, but that would be very easy.

So Oliver, whatcha think?
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