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White Pine table

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This one piece of White Pine was 44" wide at one end and 40" at the other 9' long with a natural edge.
After a couple weeks he asked me to cut the natural edge off and make the sides even so now it is
39" wide. It is in a kitchen of a business and gets used daily. Its an epoxy finish.


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very nice.Must have been fun to move it...looks heavy!
most excellent..
I like it. Proportions look right; it just works. Good job!
Looks nice and that was a smart move to put the epoxy finish on it. White pine is soft and that epoxy should help toughen it up.
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Wow came to mind as my mouth dropped . Looks beautiful and heavy duty all at once
Now THAT's a table! Can't tell, is it trussed underneath to prevent warping?
I like it would even make a good WW bench W/ a couple of vises on it.
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Very impressive Larry.
You did a great job on it, Larry. It will get some rough treatment from employees but the epoxy finish should make it last a long time.
Nice work! You don't normally see something like that in a business setting so that's even better.

Great job Larry. Those people have some nice business environment.
Larry, do you any idea how much it weighs? Sure looks bullet proof
No Rick I don’t know how much it weighs. The base is Douglas Fir (material he had) and that is kind of heavy..
They haven’t moved it since I put it in there kitchen.
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