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white quarter saw oak table

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white quarter saw oak table with cut stone


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AZTD, The table looks great. Can you (and anyone else that shows their project) give a brief overview of how you designed, created and assembled? We are all here to learn and share ideas. Keep up the great work. -Derek
Oh wow, thats a really nice table, thank you for sharing!
Another great looking table aztd. What kind of Substrate did you under the stone.


I usually start out with a basic sketch layout with height, width and length. Then the rest is built in my head as I go. If I could draw it would help. I may spend a couple of days, weeks building it in my head. If I cannot visualize or picture it in my head how I want it to look I cannot build it. Right now I have been trying to build/visualize an Entertainment Center for some friends for about 6 months now, but not there yet but getting closer to how I want to make it. They know and understand how i am about building stuff. I glue, nail and screw things together. Gotta learn the Mortise and Tenon down one day.

I appoligize for the book in your thread aztd.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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