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BobandRick said:
Bob enjoys doing the jigs and fixtures. We have no one helping us on the preparation of the shows.
That's the kind of reply I like.
Someone I used to work with said "If you want to find out the best way to do a job, give it to the laziest guy. He will find the easiest, most accurate way to do it without having to work hard or need to do it again"
As a lifetime toolmaker who spent most of his time on a vertical milling machine, I find jig making to be a very enjoyable way to make the work easier. I should know. Guess who used to be given new jobs to do to find out the easiest way? ;)
I have seen many intricate jigs which must have taken a long time to make.
I have always made my own without looking at others.
This way I have an open mind and can't believe how difficult other jigs look when comparing them with mine afterwards.
I had seen a finger joint jig made on NYW but as dado blades wont fit on any recent saw in Europe decided to make one for my router table.
I was pleased to see that finger joint jigs shown on a number of woodworking forums are very similar to the one I made.
Who said great minds think alike? :D
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