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Who talked me into making a chess board?

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Okay I need to kick my own butt. I talked myself into making a 64 piece top chess board.

I just finished a 2.5 hour sanding session and that was only the rough sanding for each piece. I detest sanding as everyone knows.

I have so much work still left for this board. Bevel each top piece, make sure each piece fits closely, glue up, and then start the border.

Top is purple heart and white limba (first time working with this species). The border will be mahogany. Might have some accent pieces of other lumber species here and there. The final board will be around 30" x 30".

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looking good
keep on sanding
lol. That made me chuckle.

and then...I do need to keep on sanding. Tears are now flowing.
I detest sanding as everyone knows.
You should have brought it over, Oscar. We could have used our drum sander.
My mother would say, "It all on you. You decided to make that thing. Don't complain to me about it!" But hey, she's not around to scold anymore.

I think it looks great so far, I just heard my my mother's voice from the past and decided to channel her.
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If it was end grain, you could turn it into a butchers block.....LOL.

Sanding is a byproduct of good work, unfortunately.....
@difalkner, thanks. I really do need to come by and check out your shop. I know I am going to be drooling with all the cool tools and all your projects. I am going to try to make this month's meeting.

@DesertRatTom, if I can't complain to you guys I got no one. lol. Wife just gives me the stare and walks away when I try to complain to her.

@jw2170, I know. Though end grain butcher blocks are so much work. My knifes aren't good enough to worry about them and I have a sharping stone nearby.
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It looks great Oscar! One of my projects will be a chess board with a free standing table, complete with the chess pieces, and storage. It will not be done overnight!

I agree, sanding is not fun, but necessary!

Please keep us posted on your progress!!!
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Main board glued and sanded to 120 grit. Beveling each panel took a while along with sanding each one before assembly.

Today I cut and glued a 1/4" strip to 1 3/4" mahogany boards. They are drying now and will be the border for the board.

Still playing with the final design in my head. I was going to cnc something in the border but now rethinking and may use the 3d printer with wood filament that is stainable. Still not 100% sure. I have until tomorrow to figure it out.

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That looks great. The bevels really add to the look.
That is really nice! The bevels truly add a new depth and dimension to the board.

The precision is remarkable!

Looking at the bevels on each piece, did you glue each piece individually?

Thanks for posting.
Thanks to both of ya for the kind words.

Yes. Each piece was individually glued and there were two or three blocks that are 1/16" or a little less off. Main reason for the bevel was to hide some of the imperfections. Little trick to fool the eye.

Still not 100% on the border but leaning towards a 3d print overlay.
That looks great.
The chess board project looks great even if it took excess sanding. I also would have used my drum sander!!!
lol. You guys are just rubbing it in that I don't have a drum sander.

Made a 45 degree cut jig yesterday so will making the border today.

So off to my garage/shop to start woodworking. This project construction should be done by the end of the day.
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I had to shake my head after finishing construction. It is so big. I have no clue what I am going to do with it. It will either become a decoration or it will be in the closet forever (if it fits).

Now have to decide on the finish.

I also have to clean the garage first before finishing. Sawdust everywhere from the endless sanding. I did wear my respirator the whole time and I haven't built the sanding block yet.

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purple heart accent

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Last pics.

First coat of tung oil. I love how the lumber just pops when the oil goes on.

Property Furniture Table White Black

I did notice I missed some saw marks on the edge but since this is my board they are staying. If it would have been a gift I would have gone back and cleaned it up.

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David, thank you for the kind words.

Can only take a little bit of credit. The lumber was just gorgeous. I love how much it popped.
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