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I live in central Texas and have freezing temperatures through winter, and it is fairly humid where I live.I have a shop about 2500' with heat and AC, used only in daytime to work.. I've worked job sites over forty years with my truck loaded with tools inside and in the bed. Rust was never an issue, unless rained on and not cleaned.
In the shop I have very old table saw blades that have lite surface rust along with some of my not used hand saws etc.
The only table saw rust is when a grand son leaves soda pop on them. If I ever see some rust I just hit it with a oily rag.
I leave all latex/oil lacquer paint in shop during freezes w/no heat and no problems. Just my personal experience as I use hand/power tools for a living and learned how to take care of them. They cost too much to replace.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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