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I'm going to continue to buy some power tools until the spring. I'm just wondering if I should keep them in the house or will they be ok if I leave them in my cold garage. Will just be the table saw for now, but more to come soon.
Our daughter currently resides in the basement with the 2 kiddies, our spare room upstairs is packed with her other belongings.
So, I'm really only left with a space in the garage at this time until I build a shed this spring.
Do most have heated area's for their workshops throughout the winter months? Should I plan on a heat source in the shed for next winter after I set everything up?

I noticed you are in our great neighbor country to the north. Your issues won't be the same as someone from Florida or Texas. I live in the plains states where it gets pretty cold in the winter, and currently keep all of my big tools in my garage (table saw, jointer, drill press, etc.). I agree that your biggest enemy is moisture. I use Boeshield like some others have said, but since I don't spend a lot of time using my tools, I don't need to refresh it quite as often. I have a natural gas space heater installed overhead in my garage, which I turn on only when I need to work out there during the winter.
I agree with the caution about not keeping battery powered tools in a cold garage. Also some plastics and also rubber don't take kindly to frigid temperatures, so I prefer to keep any tool with plastic or rubber parts inside as much as possible. Obviously some can't be helped, like the plastic parts on my table saw.
Before I moved here, I used to have a basement workshop, which is ideal because it is climate controlled with the rest of the house. Getting plywood sheets into the basement was always a hassle though, since it wasn't a walkout. Dehumidification was necessary, but most of the load was handled by the furnace in the winter and the AC in the summer. Good luck with your future plans!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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