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During winter, my shop doesn't get heated unless I work in there. But I also have major tools in my garage, I've never had a problem. But I have coated my iron tables, etc.with Boeshield T9, a product Boeing developed to stop corrosion. Works great and doesn't transfer to the wood and affect your finish. It's available on Amazon. My garage is now insulated, as is my shop, and I think that helps.

The key thing for a shop to me if you have cold winters, is insulation, insulation, insulation. Without it,you can heat all you want and it will slip away. Get double pane windows for your shed. I also suggest that you line the inside of the shed with radiant barrier. It's the silver bubble wrap looking stuff. I have it in the ceiling too. In the garage, it dropped the temp 35 degrees, and I live in the desert. I have R38 in the attics of my sheds and garage. I don't have to heat the garage to work in there, and the shop shed, which is 12x24 takes a little time to heat up, but holds the heat until I open the door.

My sheds sit on 4x6 beams on top of crushed rock. That allows very cold air to come up through the floor. The cure was making a skirt all around the building and pushing the crushed rock up against them. No air flow, no critters in there now.

If I had it to do over again, I'd have gone for a 16x24 shed or 20x24.on a slab. At the time it would have cost another $3,500 or so (more now) If I'd done that, I would have been able to put all my gear in there.

I have a neighbor who started with a 10x12 shed (no permit required), but built it on a much larger slab. And then he did add ons until he had a very large enclosed space.

This is the exterior of my shed. To the left is a small chamber, an enclosed space between my smaller office shed and my workshop. In it is the dust collection system, with filters. It has a pass through that filters the air, and returns the AC or heated air to the shop. Here are pix of both. I strongly recommend putting your dust collector and chip collection in a lean to, out of the weather, enclosed so you can retain your heated air.
Building Sky Window Plant Wood

The Yellow box on the front is a failed dust collection filter. The door on the left is the DC chamber. See below
Pipeline transport Plumbing Gas Cylinder Machine

Up on the wall, behind the DC filter, is a second 22x22 inch filter through which the cleaned air returns to the shop. I got the pass through tube from Rockler. I use only Rockler dust collection fittings. Different brands don't mix well.

If you don't do dust collection, you will almost certainly damage your lungs.

One last thing, I covered one of the 24 ft. inside walls with 1/4 inch pegboard. It has proven incredibly convenient to hang stuff up there in plain sight.
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