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All of the above comments are super great. If your table saw has a large cast iron top and you fail to give it some protection, it will rust. After several hours removing rust from my brand new table saw I now take considerable time making sure it is protected.

I tried Boeshield T9 and it seemed to work just fine. But I have since moved to Johnson Wax plus a wooden cover of 1/4 inch plywood in a frame of about 1 1/2 inch size. No rust over the past two years. I wax about once every two months. In order to use the wooden cover, I must lower the blade and remove the blade guard. I small hassle for me.

My pliers drawer has some rather rusty tools, caused by the humidity here in Texas. But I found desiccant and it is a great help. Had not thought about putting some of my less used tools in a plastic bag with desiccant, I will give that a try. FYI, my shop is insulated including the overhead doors, but not the ceiling. Even so, I have ample warmth (space heater as needed). Rust is an issue and I attempt to protect my tools. Rust forms if I take no precautions. Have had no difficulties with my battery operated tools.

I have only stored my batteries in the shop. I have 12 volt Milwaukee brand and 18 & 40 volt Ryobi brand, have experienced no problems, but then it is not cold in my part of Texas. I have a couple of hand saws my father purchased sometime in the 1950's, and due to poor maintenance they are both a little rusty. The lesson here, take some time and make some effort to protect your tools from rust.

Good luck as you move forward.


Good luck as you move forward.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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