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win7 & win 10 upgrade/downgrade

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the "free" upgrade from win 7 to win 10 is expiring soon---so MS says


can you upgrade to win 10 on an external drive & leave win 7 on an internal drive

and then choose between which OS you want to use?

Or upgrade & then down grade to win7 & then re upgrade to win 10 from the recycle bin if you so choose?

Am currently on a desktop with win 7 & it's a slow boot
& am running win 10 on a laptop--fast boot and not REALLY worried about MS & our Uncle seeing where I've been.
Hell they can just look without me knowing and/or just write a subpoena. Either way they get what they want.


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I found a local networking and support company that will install Win 7 on a machine legally. I prefer the 32 bit Pro version, no problem. Not sure about backing 10 down to 7, but I would ask a pro shop about it. Costs about $85 to have it installed. They want to do a machine checkup first, but I decline. Most of my machines are refurbished and I can often order them with whichever OS I want. If they come with 7, I usually replace the bootable hard drive with a new one cloned with all software intact. The old drive becomes the backup. 7 is almost as good as XP was in its day, and will be workable probably 2-3 years after support stops in 2020. Then software writers will begin to stop writing for the OS. My automatically renewed Norton still works with XP-to 10, and keeps up to date without any intervention.

Thank the big users for the extended support for 7, changing OSs is a very costly technical problem for them and I know our health insurer throws their weight around about resisting the seemingly arbitrary changes Micro$oft imposes on its not so happy users. I still have a couple of XP machines running, but they rarely go online, and most of the time, the machines last far longer than the hard drives' MTBF of 7 years in a desktop, 4-5 years in a laptop. Having the old drive in reserve lets you operate again, although you may lose some stuff unless you make a clone image backup whenever you install new software.

Most of my data is backed up on a 1 terabyte DropBox account (nearing 300 gigs now). Programs can be reinstalled if necessary. Dropbox no longer works automatically with XP, which is the main reason I switched to 7. It works fine in my one Win 10 laptop. 10 isn't terrible, and I love the laptop's light weight and 5-6 hour operating life with a very small battery. That laptop is becoming my traveling companion and run Office 2003, which costs practically nothing to buy (legal copies) on the internet. That version of Office is my favorite and still has the revolutionary breakthrough of drop down menus instead of the more recent revival of the ancient WordStar menu, now called the Ribbon.

I hope this novella has been useful.

Our network now has 7 machines on it, for file and printer sharing mainly. One thing I very much liked about the 10 machine is that it found the wireless printer out in my office shed, all by itself. One thing I really don't care for about 7 and 10 is Windows Explorer. Not Internet Explorer, which I'd never use since switching to Firefox. Nor do I like the new internet software in 10. Most modern Micro$oft software makes me feel that Bill is looking over my shoulder and is "allowing" me to pay for and use HIS machine. I'm too old to bother going through the learning curve for Linux, but I think for some purposes it is a very good option.

I have to be compatible with client machines, so that means Windows or Apple. My wife has an ipad and MacBook, and I don't see much advantage and I hate having to learn hand gestures to make the touchpad do its thing. Give me a mouse every time. When I have to try to fix things on her Apple machine, I demand a mouse!

Sometimes I think I might be a computer troglodyte in the making, then I take a look at what Micro$oft has imposed on us whether or not we like it. Then I recall that I am a normal person who just doesn't like being screwed around with by a big, unresponsive monopoly.
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My laptop came with windows 8 . Wish MS would downgrade me to 7. I bet they could make a fortune charging people to downgrade
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My laptop came with windows 8 . Wish MS would downgrade me to 7. I bet they could make a fortune charging people to downgrade
Not sure if M$ ever considered that business model, Rick... Brilliant!

- Give out free OS upgrades
- Charge for the downgrade
- Profit!!!
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I thought the free upgrade expired last year. Maybe not.
There is a way that will let you back down from win 10 to your former operating system. I think it's 30 days but may be as low as 15 days. This was when they were doing free upgrades but as Mike said, I thing they have stopped the free upgrade program. I know I upgraded and then downgraded and the re-upgraded at least two of my computers.

the upgrade is still available for assistive technologies needs people---I forgot the exact terminology

" Microsoft did say it intended to end the free offer for assistive technologies users after too many able-bodied people abused it to get Windows 10 without paying, but then never took any action.

However, that’s about to change.

The assistive technologies page now reveals that Microsoft will be ending the offer by the end of the year. "

So I believe it's still good to the end of the year

Haven't tried it yet so YMMV

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