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Wiring Diagram

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First off, Hello to everyone, I am new here, and hope this is posted in the correct area?

beginner wood worker here, and an electrician by trade. A friend of mine just found an old delta model 43-120 wood shaper. the machine is intact however the power cable, motor, and reversing switch are all disconnected. I am looking for a wiring diagram, to get him up and running, with the rewards of my efforts to be, access to his

I cannot seem to find anything out there that has a complete wiring diagram, just bits and pieces. I was hoping to find someone here that has something more helpful?

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer
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Hi K and welcome. Is there no wiring diagram inside the cover of the motor connection? I'm thinking the hot lead from the plug got split at the switch and two wires went to the motor. It looks from the manual that it was only 110 volt. The manual isn't much help.
see if any of this helps...



agreed, i have seen the manual and your correct, it wasn't much help.
nothing in the motor cover either. i did find a diagram for the switch, i think i can make it work from there, was just hoping to see something from the manufacturer.

Thanks for your reply, you were more helpful than the 100 or so dead ends i clicked on so far...
Much appreciated, and God Bless
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Welcome to the forum.
fwiw, we had 3 shapers in our shop at one point, and the direction we ran on all of them was for a conventional cut on the cutters, or CCW (a climb cut would be hazardous to your health!!). i think the reversing switch can almost be eliminated if inclined to do so. this should simplify the wiring considerably.

i guess the reversing switch is for cutters that are designed to cut when rotated the other direction (CW), but i have never seen them - maybe others have...
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Welcome to the Router forums.

From what the manual says, to operate the reversing switch you need to open the junction box on the motor so it was not a switch used very often. If that switch has been removed then I would just hook up the motor to run CCW and cap the other wire because most shaper cutters are made for CCW use. I do know that some shaper cutters were made to run CW but there were not too many that I know of and they are probably hard to find and made for special applications anyway.

As far as the on/off toggle switch, I don't think it makes any difference which wire goes where.
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