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Hi Gents, For those of you in the Antipodes I watched a brilliant story on the Movie, Master and Commander and the making of the movie. My interest peeked when they got onto the timbers used in the various ships back in the 18th century.
They even conducted tests on the wood to prove an old theory as to why Live oak is way stronger than White oak.

For those of you in this neck of the woods (Australia) take a look on iView.

The True Story Series 4 Episode 4 Master And Commander
ABC iview

There are 13 days (as at the 26/1/14) remaining before this video expires.

ABC iView is an internet broadcasting service which lets you catch up with a selection of programming from the ABC.
It offers high fidelity, full-screen video for high speed internet users (ADSL2/1.1Mbps connection speeds).
Accessing content via this service may affect your internet service provider download limits.

Cheers, Kerry :happy:

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Thanks Kerry.

I really enjoy movies that I find have a high degree of realism.

Master and Commander is one of those.

Love the scene where Russel sees a flash of light through the mist, just before the sound and the ball arrive.....
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